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The Last Of The Prince Bishops

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This study examines the significance of the influential High Church 'Hackney Phalanx' at the beginning of the nineteenth century, and opens up a little-explored area of Anglican history. Drawing extensively upon original correspondence, Elizabeth Varley reconstructs the work of the Hackney Phalanx and their defence of traditional Anglican ascendancy against the forces of political and religious reform during the final crisis of the English confessional state. The study focuses upon William Van Mildert, Bishop of Durham from 1826-36, and shows that, while Van Mildert's influence as 'Prince Bishop' bore little resemblance to his medieval forebears, he made effective use of it to cause considerable irritation to the Whig establishment of the day, local and national. Varley brings skilfully to life many of the tensions of that time - political and ecclesiastical - which culminated in the Catholic Emancipation Act of 1829 and the passing of the Parliamentary Reform Bill in 1832.

Teaching Workshops Overseas

RRP $18.99

ARE YOU INTERESTED I TEACHING ABROAD? IF SO, THEN THIS BOOK IS FOR YOU! Why should you read this book? As a teacher and professional in teaching workshops overseas, I have designed this book to give you a systematic plan, from A to Z, in how to teach I a foreign country. Since this may be the first time that you will be going overseas to teach, I have incorporated step-by-step instructions on how to proceed and what you can expect bot prior to departure and upon arrival. Overall, this book serves as a valuable resource of essential information to make your journey easier and more organized. Who should read this book? "How To Teach Workshops Overseas," relates to a wide range of individuals who are interested in teaching abroad. If you are a volunteer, student, teacher, lay person, friend, or family member whose relative or friend is thinking of traveling to a foreign country to teach, this book will provide you with the necessary information to ease the journey. In addidtion, it serves as a reference for those who teach within their own country. What are the features in this book that will benefit you? By buying this book, you have taken your first step to planning your teaching experience overseas. From there on, this book will become your guide, serving as a road map with all the necessary ingredients to understand what it is that you will be undertaking. Relevant facts as well as various strategies and teaching styles are explained to get you started. After reading this book you will be able to take the knowledge you have acquired and apply it to your own individual experience. Now it is time to begin your journey to teaching overseas by reading this book!

The Bishops' Synod

RRP $14.99

The so-called "First Synod of St Patrick" is a short (less than 4 pages) collection of assorted rules for the behaviour of (probably) Irish clergy and laity, possibly originating from the sixth or seventh century. The single manuscript itself is probably from the ninth or even tenth century. This volume prints the results of a symposium held by a group of scholars in Belfast to discuss various aspects of the text and its background. With the text itself in Latin with English translation, a commentary on it, and photographs of the manuscript, the editor and contributors provide a useful glimpse of a difficult but fascinating era in early medieval history.


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